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    Sara Welford is the analyst covering Evolva at Edison.

    • Research Partners AG Logo

      Martin Voegtli is the analyst covering Evolva at Research Partners AG

      • Vontobel Logo

        Carla Baenziger and Lorena Zini are the covering analysts at Vontobel

        • Berenberg Logo

          Sebastian Bray is the covering analyst.

        Any opinions, forecasts, estimates, projections or predictions regarding Evolva’s performance made by the analysts are theirs alone and do not represent the opinions, forecasts, estimates, projections or predictions of Evolva or its management. By providing the names of the analysts or certain information from them, Evolva does not imply its endorsement of or concurrence with their reports, conclusions or recommendations. Evolva assumes no liability for the accuracy of such information and undertakes no obligation to update it if it is not aware of changes.

  • The Swiss Stock Exchange

    The Swiss Stock Exchange is the best stock exchange that many people have never heard of.

    Swiss Stock Ex.
  • What’s a GMO – how would you do if asked?

    Proving once again that TV comedians find some of the best kernels of truth hidden in plain sight, Jimmy Kimmel sent a TV crew to an urban farmer's market in the US to ask a simple question.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live
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  • Topped our upper estimate! Evolva raises CHF 86M ($86M). Cash position now > CHF 100M ($100M).

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